Search Engine Optimisation

Staff Highlight – James Trotter, SEO & Outreach Executive

July’s staff highlight is awarded to James Trotter, an affable character, who likens Just Search to being a university for SEO, PPC and SEM! James has almost completed his apprenticeship and has accepted a permanent …

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Why You Need a Blog

If you haven’t been initiated in to the world of blogging you simply aren’t conversant with the latest expectations in internet marketing and promotion. From being an invaluable tool in helping rebels topple a culture …

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Just Search Customers Need to do the Following in Wake of Latest Penguin Update

NOTHING Why? Because we’re please to report, on initial examination across over 332 current clients, we’ve seen a general rise in our current Page 1 clients by 2 or 3 places, or keywords holding the …

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Staff Highlight– Gary Douglas, SEO Project Manager

Each month Just Search is running a ‘staff highlight’ feature, in order to put our boundlessly talented staff on the pedestal of recognition they thoroughly deserve. This month’s ‘staff highlight’ honour goes to Gary Douglas, …

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Every Penguin Penalty Can Be Recovered

It was about this time last year Google Penguin was rolled out. April the 20th was the official date, but Google did start to give some penalties in the previous weeks, I’m guessing they were …

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How Does Google Geo Target a Website

Its not often Google gets this wrong, but it can and does still happen. In my experience, once Google Geo targets your website, it can be very difficult to change this. There isn’t one defining …

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Just Search Reviews MySEOTool

MySEOTool provides a platform for SEO freelancers, SEO companies and agencies which allows them to easily manage client campaigns, bringing top level performance statistics into one area. Let’s take a look at each area.

How to Produce Engaging web Copy to Make Your Site a Success

The importance of clear and concise web content cannot be overstated. The copy you have on your website plays an important part in how you are viewed and more importantly, if you are considered a …

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40 Free SEO Link Building Techniques for any Business – Part Two

As promised…. here’s ‘Part Two’ of Caroline Constable’s valuable 40 free SEO link building techniques. Part 1 is viewable HERE. 21. Build a curated list Content curation is all around us. Think about Facebook news …

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