Creating A Cracking Business Website

A successful website needs good, regular content, it needs to be easy to use and needs to know what the customer wants; this might sound simple but there are loads of businesses who struggle to create and maintain a successful website because they don’t cover the simple steps.

  • FAQs are a must on any website; if you put yourself in the shoes of the consumer and answer any conceivable question that they could possibly come up with, you are not only showing that you know your business inside out, you are also building up a relationship of trust with the consumer. By answering every question that you think it’s possible to ask you’ll position yourself as an expert in your field and build up a trusting relationship that’s impossible to achieve any other way.
  • Content is the most important thing on the internet at the moment so you need to make sure you’re creating some. However, out of date content that’s full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes won’t be trusted by anyone and could therefore lead to you losing sales. Professional content and copywriters are a must have for any business – don’t think you can get away with writing the content for yourself because if you’re not a professional and you won’t do it justice. Copywriters and content writers will not only be able to craft unique content based around the services that you offer, they will also be able to make it something that people want to read.
  • Optimisation for your website is another essential; if you want to rank highly throughout the search engines then you’ll have to invest in some SEO. It’s very rare for people to search any further than page two or three on a search engine so if your page is lower than that, it won’t be found and you’ll be missing out on valuable business opportunities. SEO will help boost your rankings so that you appear on the higher pages, which means people are more likely to find you.

Here at Just Search we have our own content and SEO teams that not only maintain our own website to make sure it’s ranking highly but they also maintain our client’s websites too, in order to make sure they’re as high up Google’s rankings as possible.