Google rolls out its first update of 2013

Since 2011 when the Google Panda update was first released there have been 24 updates in total. As you probably know, Google is always tweaking and changing its algorithm in order to make sure that internet sites are of the highest quality possible so that we’re are saved from reading the wasted words of the internet. This update in particular focuses on content – specifically duplicate content– in order to make sure the content that’s being fed through the internet is written to a quality level that people will want to read.

Quality content – as mentioned in our previous post – has become increasingly important for a variety of reasons and exact-match domains i.e. sites that duplicate their content are now frowned upon.

It’s the sites that contain low quality, duplicate content that are being targeted in this stage of the Panda update in order to root out the quality. In order to carry on ranking highly you really need to make sure the content you’re producing is reaching Goggle’s level of quality.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, content and social media make a great team and seriously help each other out. This relationship is established because social media is relied upon in order to get the quality content ‘liked’ and tweeted over the social media channels – which is great for the author and the site that it was originally posted to.

Just Search has a dedicated team of writers who spend their days writing high quality content for a huge variety of clients. The areas of expertise range from music and film to electrical engineering and they write for clients in the fashion industry all the way through to computer disaster experts. The high quality content that is produced helps the clients more than you could imagine and with help from our own social media team they can be sure that all content is shared and distributed into the appropriate channels to be sure that the people who want to see it will see it. This kind of content has become invaluable to SEO services and you can be sure that the good stuff will be rewarded.