How to Disable Facebook Audio Notifications

Here’s a handy simple tip for you if you post to Facebook a lot.

In the last few weeks Facebook has been rolling out and testing a new feature which gives us an audible alert every time someone interacts with one of our posts. Not everyone has this yet, but if you do you’ll know what we mean. With us working so much in social media channels things were getting load at our Cheshire HQ. While useful for individuals and single Page brands this can get noisy (and counter productive) if you run multiple Facebook Pages, so here’s a quick explanation of how to disable it.

From the ‘cog’ symbol in the top right hand corder of the interface, scroll down to ‘Account Settings’, and then (on the left hand side) click on the ‘Notifications’ label.

Next, on the line labled ‘On Facebook’, click the link labeled ‘View’ (on the right hand side).

Next uncheck the ticked box that says ‘Play sound when each new notification is received’. Press ‘Save Changes’, and all should go quiet.

Hopefully this will make your Facebook experience a bit more bearable.