How to get more Facebook ‘Likes’

Today’s world is controlled by the internet and social media and since social media has such a mammoth presence in everyone’s lives, it’s a great way to promote your business. With the millions and even billions of people that use the likes of Facebook and Twitter every day, why not make your business part of the action?

Just Search for example has an enormous social following across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and so many more social media sites that most people have probably never heard of. Just Search is the working home of a huge number of professional marketers that help to keep the company’s social media following ‘in the know’ when it comes to social media marketing, content, SEO and PPC. Without dedicated social media marketers that make it their duty to ensure up to date posts appear on all of Just Search’s social media channels, we would have no social presence at all and would consequently be nowhere near as successful as we are.

So, how can you create a strong social media presence for your business?

Well, as Facebook is – at the moment – the biggest social media network out there, it’s probably a good starting point, so ensuring your company has an up to date Facebook profile is a must. Next, you need to learn how to play the system to your advantage and get as many ‘likes’ as you can.

In order to get company ‘likes’ then it’s important for your company page to be fun and interesting. How can you do this? Videos, pictures, jokes about your industry, competitions, or interesting facts are always winners when it comes to Facebook ‘likes’.

Good content is essential; if the content on your page is well written and interesting then people will continue to come back for more. One thing that you should always remember though is that the people who read your page are unlikely to be professionals in your field, so avoid any technical terminology that’s likely to go straight over people’s heads and they’ll lose interest straight away.

Questions are a really good way to get ‘likes’ on your page, but stay away from anything boring. Fun and interesting questions are always best when it comes to comments and ‘likes’, when you start asking about the boring and technical you’re in danger of losing your following.

Always invite friends to ‘like’ your page, as most friends will like it – whatever it is. As soon as one of your friends ‘likes’ your page it will pop up on all of their friends pages, encouraging them to ‘like’ it too.

Finally, a company URL is guaranteed to get the ‘likes’; if you post your company URL to your Facebook page, Twitter profile and anywhere else you can think of then people will click on it and surely give you a ‘like’.