Just Search Reviews MySEOTool

MySEOTool provides a platform for SEO freelancers, SEO companies and agencies which allows them to easily manage client campaigns, bringing top level performance statistics into one area. Let’s take a look at each area.

Setting Up Your Campaign

As you would expect, setting up a campaign is quick and easy. Simply add the campaign name, website address, list of keywords and target country and click go. The ranking depth is limited to 50 on the Freelancer subscription so, for most, I would expect an upgraded subscription offering a ranking depth of 100 would be preferable.

MySEOTool: Rankings

The first section within MySEOTool is the rankings. Daily rankings are an important feature for any SEO allowing you to pinpoint ranking movements to a specific day and as a result assign it to correlated activity. It provides ranking data for both Google and Bing whilst giving you an additional option to enter a location and start tracking results from Google Places. Each last ranked keyword position also shows the specific page associated with the position, the time the position was recorded and a screenshot of the position as evidence. A nice feature in this section is the customisable columns allowing you to add additional statistics associated with each keyword such as visits, backlinks, bounce rates etc.

MySEOTool: Analytics

MySEOTool gives you the ability to authorise access allowing you to connect to the associated Google Analytics account and import your traffic statistics. We found the analytics section to be useful, providing a quick overview of the sites’ performance, allowing you to drill down to organic or paid visits, referral visits, ecommerce data and more. It is important to understand and acknowledge this as an overview of traffic data and not as replacement for the advanced features found within Google Analytics itself.

MySEOTool: Backlinks

MySEOTool provides backlink data for your campaign from Ahrefs.com allowing you to group by backlink, domain or anchor text. In addition, you can add your own backlinks recording the URL, link type, acquisition method, date and any additional notes you may need to record. A useful feature within both of these sections is the link status allowing you to filter the backlinks to see active, dropped or pending links.

MySEOTool: Social

As social signals become more and more important, tracking the progress of your social activity and being able to report on it is another useful feature of this tool. Currently you can connect to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

MySEOTool: Ads

The last reporting section within MySEOTool allows you to connect and report on your Google AdWords campaigns, giving you a top level overview of your earnings.

MySEOTool: Reporting

We found this section to be well thought out with many options available to you. Reporting is very easy through this tool as each page you find yourself on allows you to export the data as a report (pdf, csv, xls). You can also opt to schedule the report to be produced daily, weekly or monthly depending on your requirements. Basic reporting offers you the choices of selecting from Rankings, Analytics, Backlinks, Social, Ads whilst advanced reporting lets you drill down to include specific data from each section. Each scheduled report is viewable along with a delivery log of what has been sent and when.

MySEOTool: Additional Features

MySEOTool is very easy to re-brand as your own, allowing you to upload your own logo, change the colour scheme and with a quick addition of a CNAME record, you can have this resolving to a subdomain on your own site within no time (ie. myseotool.yourdomain.com).

The only thing left to mention is that you can give clients access to all the above data or again through the advanced permissions, select exactly what data you wish to give your clients access to depending on your preference.


With so many SEO tools out there, it really is a hard task for companies to make theirs stand out from the crowd but we feel MySEOTool has done just this. They have thought about what data they wish to include and made sure that it is delivered in a user friendly way. They have also made it extremely easy to white label this software making it far more appealing to SEO companies. Overall we were impressed and would encourage anyone looking for SEO management software to begin a free trial and review this tool. Nice work guys!

I hope you have enjoyed ‘Just Search Reviews MySEOTool’. In order to start your free trial, go to www.myseotool.com.

This review was carried out by SEO Programmer, Blair Stubbs.

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  1. Erwan @JustSearch France

    Well done and thank you for the review. A link to the tool page would be usefull for the readers I guess :)

    • Blair Stubbs

      Hi Erwan, I’m glad you enjoyed the review. I have now updated the post to include a link.