Just Search supports AdvertSAFE

There are a huge number of scams online and although most people have become wise to their appearance there are still some people that will fall for them every time. Whether you’re looking out for family members or trying to protect your company there are so many ways that you can protect yourself online.

Here are a few hints and tips to help keep yourself safe online:

  1. Don’t click links to your bank account or any other account via your e-mail. It’s not always the case – but it’s better to be safe than sorry – but a lot of the time these kinds of emails are scams. Most trusted banking and financial sites will never send a link asking you to verify anything, whether it’s a new password, username or your account number. If you bookmark your bank and other safe sites such as PayPal to your browser then there’s no need to follow any links from your emails because it’s just as easy to click on your bookmarks.
  2. Don’t ‘Invite Friends’; loads of sites give you the option to invite your friends to sites that you have joined and all you have to do is give your email and password. You should never do this! It’s important that you remember not to do this – no matter how good the incentives are – because not only will you receive spam emails from the company from then on but all of your friends will too.
  3. Strong passwords and secret questions and answers are essential; too many people have passwords as simple as ‘Password1’ or their partner’s name and too many people are able to guess them. If your passwords are this simple then you may as well give them to the scammers as it won’t take them long to work it out anyway. Not only do you need to make sure your password is strong but it’s important that your secret questions and answers are too. Almost anyone can reset a password using secret questions and answers so if a scammer can’t work out your password they’ll try your secret answer. If the question is ‘What is your dog’s name?’ then it won’t take them long to work it out.


Here at Just Search we believe that the safety of individuals and businesses on the internet is really important, this is why we are completely behind our client AdvertSAFE who are trying to make the internet a safer place for everyone. Whether you’re a social media lover or you want people to trust your business, you can sign up to AdvertSAFE for free – or to the premium package for a certain one off fee – and they will be able to verify whether or not you are who you say you are. When you’re verified you will be given a unique AdvertSAFE badge to put on your social media pages and websites so that visitors know that you are safe to connect with and your sites are ‘safe’ to use.