Just Search’s PPC department get justifiable praise on the Review Centre

“All good companies and services are only as good as the people that run them and this is certainly the case for Just Search’s PPC department.”

These extremely complimentary words were written by Yellow Shield and placed on the Review Centre, which offers unbiased consumer reviews and price comparison for products and services. The PPC department has been creating, maintaining and developing a PPC campaign for Yellow Shield, an innovative company in the field of spill control.

The review is particularly praiseworthy of Adil Jain, Head of PPC, who, according to Yellow Shield, went “above and beyond” expectations in developing an extremely “profitable PPC campaign.” The appraisal acknowledges how Adil and his team are quick to respond to any query or problem the company had and took the time and effort to ensure that Yellow Shield had a good understanding of every aspect of the campaign, including adgroups and keywords.

Talking of why Just Search has retained their business over the last three years, Yellow Shield state that Adil and his department are completely transparent with all the work that they carry out and go out of their way to ensure that clients are happy with every component of the service.

“Adil and his PPC team are a credit to Just Search – five star PPC management, highly recommended,” say Yellow Shield.

This is the latest of a string of complimentary reviews made about Just Search on the Review Centre. In April this year, Hearing Aids At Trade, wrote a five-star review focused on how Just Search managed to reverse its violated site.

“Just Search thankfully came up trumps for me,” said Graham Clarke of Hearing Aids At Trade.

A month earlier another more than satisfied customer referred toreview centre Just Search as being “Absolutely Brilliant!”

Well done Adil and PPC and let’s make sure the flattering reviews on the Review Centre keep rolling in.