New Facebook Cover Image Rules

It seems that Facebook have quietly changed it’s business Page cover rules. As of today we can no longer find any reference to the previous rules that stated that users can not use prices, calls to action like ‘Share’ etc., contact information (like telephone numbers or URLs), or graphics pointing towards the Page’s ‘Like’ button. Potentially, this is great news.

Rules still stipulate that the Page owner must hold copy-write to any imagery, and that Cover photo’s can’t be deceptive etc., but there appears to be no limitation (except for the new 20% rule) regarding graphical and textual content.

While we’ve not as yet seen anything published on this elsewhere else, this is potentially great news for businesses with a Facebook presence, and something (as advertisers) we can creatively take advantage of immediately. This opens a whole new realm of strategic tactics for brands, services, personalities, and businesses.

A list of Facebook’s complete Page terms can be found here.

If you’d like any help creating you new cover image, and keeping it compliant under the 20% rule, please give our social media team a call on 0844 8531391.

2 Responses to New Facebook Cover Image Rules

  1. While this may be true, they do have some new rules for cover pages, one of which is that cover pages and promoted posts can’t have more than 20% text in the image, including whatever logo you may have. That will severely cut back on a lot of advertising potential on the cover page.

  2. I think nick mentioned that at least twice! Good piece Nick, Cheers.