Social Media Ecommerce

Use social media to empower your website

Online reviews represent an important feature in the way modern internet users shop. Researchers have found that as many as 81% of shoppers and 96% of product researchers actually take the time to read online reviews, which points to the central role of advocacy in the world of e-commerce.

The fact is that the majority of businesses will never command a larger online community than the one already available to them via their e-commerce site. This community represents a really powerful resource if you are able to use it properly. Enter social commerce…

It is possible to provide your customers with a range of social elements that will enrich their experience of shopping with you and in return secure you additional conversions. Material produced by your marketing or sales team is great, but it’ll never have as much power as a review from a customer.

Deliver a platform for advocacy

When you include certain social elements like forums, blogs, question and answer sections and rate and review sections on your product pages, you are giving customers every opportunity to make an educated decision about what to buy without requiring them to leave the page or the site. Amazon is a great example of how this sort of e-commerce functionality can be used effectively.

Boost social involvement and participation

If customers have a platform to express and share their opinions then you need to encourage them to get involved. Participation is important to make the most of this social functionality and techniques like reward schemes have proven successful in generating greater activity. However, simply alerting your customers about the changes is often enough – writing reviews is something people actively enjoy.

Make the positives more visible

If you are seeing great results from the participation of your online community of customers, then you need to use that positive interaction as a means to make more sales. It is vital to give pride of place to positive reviews and even share them more widely using various social media.

Allow social to influence your operations

Social media e-commerce has what it takes to refine the way you run your business, by giving you a better idea of the kind of products you need to push, the kind of products you need market more heavily and the areas you ought to identify for growth and expansion.

The impact of social e-commerce is wide-reaching. It can help you increase your sales, enjoy greater brand loyalty, improve your reputation with the online community and attract returning customers.

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