The Importance Of A Call To Action

An effective call to action is essential for any successful website and contrary to popular belief they are not just relevant to shopping websites, they’re something that every business with an internet presence should have. Every website has a purpose and it is that purpose that should control your call to action. If you want people to fill in a contact form then you should give them a reason to, if you want people to buy your products then tell them why they should and if you want people to get involved with a service that you’re providing then tell them how they will benefit.

The basic purpose of a call to action is to provide your site with a focus, it tells visitors what you want them to do and provides them with a reason to do it. You have to provide the user with a reason to complete your call to action, you have to show them the benefits they will gain from completing it whether it’s a free gift, a voucher to a popular theme park or eatery or even an entry into a competition that can’t be missed. Or you could just give them a reason that’s too good for them to turn you down – a little bit like Skype – who clearly state that the user will be able to:

“Make calls from your computer — free to other people on Skype and cheap to phones and mobiles around the world.”

The price of making long distance phone calls is something that a lot of people would love to see reduced; obviously a reduction in price will never happen so it’s essential for people to find other ways to communicate cheaply. It is this exact caption that makes people realise that they can’t do without Skype so their call to action is successful.

An effective call to action is really important for your business because it is the tool that transforms a mere visitor to their website to a customer and it is not until they complete this call to action that they create revenue for your company. See why it’s important now?

Without a call to action on your website there’s really no point having an internet presence at all as it won’t be creating any business for you. There’s really no point advertising on the internet if you have no way of converting the advertising into sales right there. People won’t take the time to write down an item number and call you to buy something from your site, they’ll just look elsewhere for the same thing meaning you’d be losing a lot of sales. Creating an effective call for action really isn’t difficult and you’ll be reaping the benefits straight away.