Top Five Content Marketing Predictions For 2014

shutterstock_1466368732013 has been a turning point for content with marketers finally realising its potential and using content as part of their marketing strategy. In fact according to Forbes, an estimated 60% of businesses are now employing some form of inbound into their marketing and that content marketing is arguably the most critical piece of an inbound marketing strategy. This is great news for content writers who at last are getting justifiable recognition for being crucial cogs in the digital marketing landscape.

So what’s going to change in the excitingly advancing world of content marketing in 2014? Here are five predictions.

‘Director of Content’

You know a vocation or department has reached more significant heights when it demands a ‘director’ into the hierarchy. The somewhat predictable pattern of departmental tiers can certainly be applied to the content writing and marketing field. Not so long ago the niche merely demanded a warren of writers, fervently churning out content littered with keywords and links. Google’s demand for higher quality content quickly paved the way for ‘senior’ writers to emerge to help drive content to new improved levels. 2013 marked the arrival of content ‘managers’ and ‘heads’ of content to advance the quality even further. Alongside a rapidly expanding content team, this year has seen the arrival of outreach departments, designed to dispel this quality content onto credible and sought-after sites, thus expanding a company’s digital marketing reach. In escalating at such rapid rates, don’t be surprised if posts requiring ‘content directors’ make their way onto the likes of LinkedIn and Gorkana jobs in 2014.

Content marketing will be able to be defined

Is it blogging, the distribution of press releases, posting on social media, feature writing or gaining links via outreach? At the moment there still seems to be some kind of confusion as to what content marketing actually is. The truth is that this increasingly imperative form of marketing encompasses all of the aspects mentioned. As it continues to grow in ubiquity in 2014 businesses will be likely to not only be able to define content marketing but will also be able to explain how it aligns with their wider business goals.

A greater emphasis on quality

Google has already ensured low-quality tripe is being filtered from the internet – the pages that matter anyway – and this focus on higher quality is likely to continue in 2014. Speaking to the Guardian, James Hilton, co-founder and chief creative officer at AKQA talks about the focus on quality next year:

“My hope for 2014 is a marked reduction in the industries’ contribution to digital landfill,” stated James Hilton.

Links not just for links sake

2013 has seen a marked commitment to get links onto publishing platforms that really matter rather than just to scatter them around the internet erratically as an antiquated and somewhat erroneous method of SEO. The trend for fewer yet better quality links is likely to escalate in 2014, meaning content marketers will strive to get content on sites that actually get read and, perhaps more importantly, absorbed.

Google+ will prevail as a leading content platform

B2B marketers are using social media to promote content much more frequently than they did in 2012, states the Content Marketing Institute. When we think of posting content for promotional purposes via social media, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn tend to stand out as the ‘biggies’. A predicted growth for Google+ in 2014 has been mentioned for the distribution of content. This is namely due to the increasing importance of Google Author Rank meaning Google rewards authors and sites linked to a Google+ profile – yet another thing for us assiduous and unrewarded bloggers to celebrate. Thanks Google.