Top three trends predicted to shape SEO and content marketing in 2013

The world of web design, SEO and content marketing is progressing at prolific speeds. In order for websites to compete in the increasingly cutthroat sphere of online marketing they need to not only be aware of changes in industry, but, more importantly, obey them.

Take a look at three of the top trends predicted to shape SEO and content marketing in 2013.

Social media and link building

In 2011, Bing incorporated Facebook Likes into its search results and since Bing took this leading stance on merging social and search, integration between social media and web search is soaring and shows little sign of abating in 2013.

According to Search Engine Watch, the diversity of platforms means adapting or prefacing content for each social media platform. Agencies like Just Search, can assist clients in creating content that is social media-friendly and instead of merely creating a page of content, it is important that sites have a preface for Facebook, Google+ or Twitter at the ready.

Lengthier and more in-depth articles

We have seen a gradual move away from keyword-rich, ‘spammy’ and ‘thin quality’ content in recent years in favour for high quality and more ‘natural’ articles.

2013 looks set to see web articles become longer and more in-depth, with a greater emphasis on analysis.

A multimedia bonanza

Content is significantly enhanced by visuals and recent studies have proven that accompanying text with photos or videos will boost post interaction and improve a site’s accessibility.