Why Good Quality Content is Important

Being, at our core, an SEO company we can’t help but wonder if the recent push towards content marketing could be detrimental to the overall level of quality on the web. Brand journalism is now a critical part of the SEO mix, but will this lead to an increase in low value content aimed more at Google than at providing a genuine service to the online audience?

Google (and others) are searching for content that is relevant and fresh. They want to serve the most appropriate results for any query a user might suggest. With the advent of Panda and Penguin content is more important than ever.

Quality, however, needs to be preserved, and AuthorRank and social signals have appeared to help to weed the wheat from the chaff. Only good content will be shared, recommended, and served, and this means that quality is going to win out for rankings. As engine algorithms adapt to SEO industry tricks, good content will always be good content, and that’s what’ll win clients those coveted prime listings.

Content creators need to provide the answers to the right questions. They need to break the mold, to be humorous (if appropriate), to be relevant, to be useful, and need to create a good spread of diverse content – videos, white papers, research documents, how-to’s, whatever – of a high quality and targeted sympathetically.

We’re lucky, and we’ve been working in this area for a while. We’ve had a dedicated content team at Just Search since 2009. Our team is made of experienced researchers, brand journalists, and technical specialist in a variety of fields from sports to electrical engineering and from home furnishings to fashion. Our team, as individuals, knows how to produce good value support for our clients clients, and has the personal AuthorRank to back it up by being specialists in an assortment of circles. We have video specialists and Info-graphics specialists. Podcast producers and researchers. We also have social media marketing team based on strategy unique to each brand we work with, building real communities and distributing the quality content in the right places where the right people want to see it. This is going to be invaluable moving forwards, and having this level of expertise is going a be key part of future SEO.

There’s going to be a lot of content out there for contents sake, but Google knows this and is doing something about it. We believe that only the good stuff will float to the surface, and everything else will just be wasted words.