As you are probably aware Google has bought the video-sharing website YouTube for around £883 million pounds.

But why is YouTube so successful? Although the site was in the right place at the right time when video services became popular, there are numerous other reasons as to its success.

YouTube’s major advantage is that it appeals to all audiences and is very user friendly. Everyone understands the site right away, what it does and how to use it.

Users of the system can quickly profit from using it as they are able to upload cool video clips. As with all good websites YouTube is based on a really simple idea which is a hard thing to achieve. The sites main power lies in the fact that it is built on communities. Users can search for videos from their local area and from any category. This concept has greatly improved its popularity as it gives the impression that each video is important.

In addition to YouTube’s popularity the site has many search engine optimisation benefits including:

  • Content constantly being updated as users upload their written content and videos
  • Numerous members of YouTube will add a link to the site from their personal site(s). This greatly increases the amount of one-way links, assisting the site to shoot up the rankings.

As a testament to YouTube’s success and popularity, Greater Manchester Police have used the site to post a video appeal to try and catch the killers of Jessie James.

Paul Spreadbury
Seo Programmer